Lineup Selection for Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy

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 Fantasy Baseball Hitters

Ignore Overall Stats

In daily fantasy sports games, you almost want to ignore overall season stats and really break the numbers down.

Yeah, that player might be hitting .300 with 30 home runs, but if he’s only hit .220 with 3 HR against lefties, you need to make sure he’s not playing a southpaw that night.

Likewise, some players are beasts at home but terrible on the road. Be sure to dive deep into the stats when picking a team, not just looking at the overall numbers which can be misleading.

The Baseball Park Factors to Consider

Another thing to consider are park factors. These factors measure whether a park is a hitter’s park or pitcher’s park and can be invaluable for those setting a daily fantasy sports lineup.

There might be a solid SP that you really like, but if he’s going in Colorado or Texas or another park that is notoriously hitter-friendly, it might be wise to look elsewhere that night.

Season long stats mean nothing, you want to find only the players who are going to do best on that particular day.

Know who is Pitching against your Hitters

For hitters, make sure they aren’t going against a stud starting pitcher. Every hitter has an off-night and even MVPs are going to go hitless more often than not.

But you can protect against these 0-fers by doing some research and making sure they aren’t going against an awesome starting pitcher.

Matchups are extremely important in daily fantasy sports, so make sure you do research on exactly who a player’s opponent is that night.

What Have They Done For You Lately?

It may also be wise to check how that player has done over the past few weeks to identify players who may have trailed off or are stuck in a slump.

While it it’s generally best to not put too much stock into a small sample size, you also want to make sure that someone isn’t mired in a hitless month, or to pay a premium for someone who started off the season red-hot but came back down to earth a couple months ago.

Identifying trends in hitters is important to be sure you are getting someone who is hitting well instead of someone who hit well a month ago.

Target Power Hitters

When selecting hitters, try to select as much power as possible. Since home runs impact almost every other category (R,H,RBI,AVG) they are imperative if you want to win at daily fantasy sports.

You aren’t trying to build a well-balanced team that could compete in real life, you want mashers who are going to put up numbers that day.

Home run hitters should be targeted and drafted.

Strike Them Out!

Similarly, find SP who strike guys out. Pitching to contact might be a good strategy, but it relies heavily on luck to be sustainable.

High strikeout pitchers, however, tend to have more control over how many outs they get each game instead of relying on their defense or luck to be successful.

These pitchers also tend to have better control and don’t issue walks, another important factor to consider.

Summing It Up

If a daily fantasy sports player finds solid matchups, finds home run hitters and high strikeout pitchers, they should be successful more often than not.

Stick these strategies when picking a lineup and you’ll find yourself making money in no time!

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