What is Head to Head Play in Daily Fantasy Leagues?

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Head to Head Daily Fantasy Leagues

One of the most popular ways to play daily fantasy sports is a head to head matchup. In these games, you will take on one opponent and the one with the most points wins. It’s popular because it’s so simple and straightforward.

If you pick a good team on that particular day, you’ve got a really good shot at winning and doubling up your money (minus the entry fee). And because there are head to head games on each site from $1 up to $500 or so, there are head to head daily fantasy games for every budget.

There are two types of head to head games, points leagues and category leagues. The most popular, by far, of the two is the point matchup. Depending on your sport, a group of stats will equal a given set of points. So, for fantasy football, each rushing or receiving touchdown is worth 6 points, 10 rushing or receiving yards equals 1 point, passing touchdowns worth 4 points, with various other stats thrown in depending on your game.

While these are the most common for football, be sure to double check the points structure as there could be wrinkles or slight changes depending on the contest.

A category league, on the other hand, gives 1 point for each particular category with the team that wins the most categories declared the winner. This is much more common in fantasy baseball. So, for instance, you might have home runs, RBIs, Runs, and other stats being counted. If a team wins 6 out of the 10 categories, they win 6-4.

Again, for those familiar with head to head season long fantasy baseball leagues, this is going to feel much more natural.

For people familiar with season long fantasy leagues, no matter which game you choose, you’ll notice something: these are the same stats that are counted in traditional fantasy sports. This means that if you are new to daily fantasy sports, it won’t require a whole lot of work to get familiar with this format.

Obviously, there are some key differences between season long and daily fantasy sports, but on the whole the games are pretty similar. At the very least, the scoring will be very familiar. And if you are someone who uses custom scoring for your particular league, most daily fantasy sports sites let you create your own games and scoring structures.

The best part about head to head matchups for daily fantasy sports is that you can create private games and challenge whomever you want. So go ahead and create a custom game with one of your friends and play for money as well as bragging rights.

This will make your season long league more interesting, supplementing it with money on the side between two particular players. And if no one in your league wants to join you, no problem! There are always plenty of players willing to take you on no matter what scoring structure or the cost to buy in.

Sign up today and try your skill one on one with friends or with other fantasy sports enthusiasts. For the chance to double your money and test your skill, start playing daily fantasy sports!

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