Fantasy Sports Resources

Resources for Daily Fantasy Sports Players

College Sports Teams Map

Places to Play

  • FanDuel – The largest daily fantasy sports contest site. Several Million Dollar contests.
  • DraftKings – The fastest growing daily fantasy sports site.  Offers Million Dollar contests.
  • DraftDay– Quickly growing site, Salary, Pick’em, Bracket, Live Drafts types
  • Star Fantasy Leagues – small to medium size site with growing fanbase and contests
  • SportsTradex – Daily Pick’em, Survivor, Trading
  • StatClash – Most Sports offered (even Soccer), but smaller and growing site
  • FantasyAces – traditional and unique contest types. Starting to offer bigger tournaments

Player & Strategy Research Sites

  • The Daily Roto – Unique and truthful articles on daily fantasy sports
  • RotoWorld – In-depth coverage of all fantasy sports, players, injury reports & more
  • RotoGrinders – Daily fantasy sports player information, line-up reports
  • – Sports betting site but provides useful stats and player predictions

More Resources Coming Soon!