Is FanDuel a Scam or Legit?

| August 10, 2016 | 70 Comments

FanDuel Scam

People new to the daily fantasy sports leagues often hear about sites such as FanDuel from commercials on sports radio or regional sports television stations. Or they come across banners for FanDuel on sports websites.

But the question they often ask is, “Is FanDuel a Scam?” and “Is FanDuel Legit?” Well suffice to say, FanDuel is very legitimate and is growing by leaps and bounds in this new market.

Daily fantasy sports or One-Day fantasy leagues are fairly new in the grand scheme of things. (see “What Are Daily Fantasy Sports Leagues?” if you need to know more) FanDuel has been around since 2009 and has grown exponentially since then.

They are currently largest daily fantasy sports website and host an average of 600,000 lineup entries each week into their daily fantasy games.

They also are projected to payout over $400 Million in prizes during 2014. This is up from $150 Million in 2013 and $50 Million in 2012. Compare this to 2011 when they paid out only $10 Million.

This trend would not hold up and grow as quickly and massively as it has if there were concerns of the legitimacy of their company and site.

They have obviously found the right business model and approach to remain the number one daily fantasy sports website as others have merged or gone out of business.

They have been able to receive support and funding from several major Venture Capital Groups who also believe in their model including Comcast Ventures.

Daily Fantasy Leagues for money are also 100% Legal in the United States which has allowed sites like FanDuel to operate without fear of the Justice Department closing their doors unlike online Poker. Because of the legality being well established, this has brought in many sports bettors to try to use their research and skills in a legal environment online where deposits and withdrawals are as easy as using Paypal.

Certain states do not allow for daily fantasy sports because of their own state laws but most do allow it and it is allowed federally.

FanDuel has also won many awards for their take on fantasy sports. Major websites such as Mashable, TechCrunch, and others have honored them with their respective awards in their sports categories. They have also been featured in major publications and websites such as Forbes, ESPN, and FoxSports.

There are also sections on most major sports websites that not only discuss fantasy sports but also now have sections dealing with daily fantasy sports lineups.

One of the top criticisms of FanDuel though is the way they release their deposit bonus.

FanDuel is the leader in the daily fantasy sports market and looks to stay on top for a while. They offer the biggest payouts and tournaments in the industry, have great signup bonuses for new players, and offer a variety of games and league types.

Signup though one of our links to receive their best signup bonus which is automatically applied: No code is needed.

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  1. bob says:

    Just be aware that although their current promo sounds nice, where they match your initial deposit up to $200, it is not as great as it sounds. They match your deposit with “bonus money.” The bonus funds are not yours to spend immediately; they get doled out to you based on how much of your real money that you spend. For example, if you deposited $100 (real money), you get $100 of bonus funds. Those funds are released to you at a rate of 4% of what you spend in real money. So say you enter a $25 contest. After that contest you will be given $1 of your bonus funds. Which means if you would like to see all $100 of your bonus funds become real money, you’ll need to spend $2500 of real money. Kind of lame.

    • Adam says:

      When I found out about the 4% dolling out of the deposit match i was suppose to get, I felt scammed. I made a larger deposit just to get the match. Fan duel would leave a better taste in my mouth if they weren’t misleading in matching your deposit. It is not a match since you have to keep depositing in order to get your bonus. Otherwise its a cool site.

      • Richard says:

        They do that to prevent fraud from people depositing and not playing yet still getting the bonus money. They don’t prevent you from withdrawing your own money back out so if you ended up depositing more than you thought you would have otherwise, just withdraw it back to your paypal.

        • Doug Crandall says:

          The “fraud” excuse is nonsense. They could release the money on a 1:1 basis, or they could release it all once a user has spent his or her initial deposit (entered $100 worth of contests). They do neither.

    • Jared says:

      It’s a great site, for me I was already aware of how the bonus structure worked. I mean they can’t just give you $100 for depositing $100. Remember they make money by you playing their tournaments that would be counter intuitive.

      • Gary says:

        Fand Duels customer support blows,, Draft Kings a much better user friendly site !
        Avoid Fan Duel, there are better options , just my humble opinion , from using both.

        • Wesley says:

          Fanduel sucks they don’t update injury info in the NBA contests!!!! There customer support is garbage with pretyped messages!!!! Stay away from fanduel go to draftkings!!!!

          • swany says:

            I agree they also leave players in that get put back into the minors. NHL that is its complete bull shi….

      • Gary says:

        Fand Duels customer support blows,, Draft Kings a much better user friendly site !
        Avoid Fan Duel, there are better options , just my humble opinion , from using both.

    • E Soto says:

      Your right, but the biggest scam i believe is they are making up accounts as the contest is going on, very often i check the profile of the top 20 leaders and find that a lot of the leaders in the big money have been members for a week or two WTF, I think they are interchanging players on these tickets, check it out for yourself, eventually if an accounting can done this will be their down fall, class action.

    • ed says:

      I am beginning to believe this is all a set up for losers to join. In todays line ups there is no way any idiot would chose all the losers who scored high and guess what there are a lot of them that did. No idiot would spend 100 on a game and take 4 players who scored 1 or less td all year then all of the sudden they are on fire, no way something is very very fishy. I have put my last hundo in here especially when guys seem to go down when they ar esuppose to tear it up. I also think players in CFL are taking money for this or how does TCU not score in the red zone 6 times before 1/2 time? Fishy to me.

    • cody says:

      fandual, fandual is a total fraud and a waist of money. las vegas was right wanting a license fan dual is a rip off. it is based on numbers but some of the players are computer generated. it is like a bidding war for stuff online you have no chance of winning money from fan dual. it is the worst kind of gambling I have seen.

  2. Brent says:

    The inability to export contest lineups at contest lock bring up questions of integrity specifically for the guaranteed prize pool tournaments.

  3. Jason Burnett says:

    I’m sure there are some fat cats getting fatter with FanDuel. However what there needs to be is more transparency for the players on this site. Why is this you may ask? Leagues, 50/50, Tournaments, etc. are entered by supposedly thousands of players daily on different sports but how do we as players really know that as the computer generates live scores as the games are taking place, that there aren’t a computer (controlled by FanDuel) generating a winning roster for those games with a bogus username??? And with this being done, FanDuel is pocketing the money. Yeah you may win a few dollars, or even a few hundred dollars but who is winning the thousands of dollars that some of the games guarantee? As mentioned how do we know that a computer is not generating a winning roster live as the games are taking place with a bogus username that is generated by FanDuel? There needs to be more transparency!! What can be done about this? A suggestion is that an email is sent to all of the players of any games entered to all of the players for that particular league at the cut-off time of that particular game. Yeah it may equal a lot of emails but transparency equals work. What this does is that now you can see ALL of the entrants entered in that particular league at the time of the cut-off time and now you can cross reference the winners of that league to the email sent at the cut off time to verify true winnings and there isn’t a doubt in players minds that a computer controlled by FanDuel isn’t generating a winning roster AFTER leagues have started. This would make everyone rest easier and provide more transparency to the site. Yes it’s a big dollar site now but word about this will begin to get out and if more transparency isn’t implemented, customers will begin to bail!!

    • Richard says:

      I guess I just have a lot more trust in FanDuel than this. With promotions and partnerships with the NBA, many MLB teams, and NFL teams, I don’t think they would risk their reputation and thus their entire business on making money in the short term by doing what you said. It would be business suicide.

    • Irv says:

      I think Jason might be on to something. But it could be worse than what he suggests. Let’s take a nightly NBA contest. If I’m fanduel (or draftkings), for the 24 hours before the contest is closed, I have a computer slowly generate LOTS of entries that are not made by real players, with bogus usernames. So if you have a contest with max 23,000 entries, and 5000 real people enter, you create 18,000 bogus entries that are all different combinations of players. If the payout is for 4600 players, it’s highly likely that the computer will receive lots of the payouts. Sure, some real people will win, but the computer generated entries push lots of people out of the money, and the unpaid money remains with fanduel.

      Without real regulation of what they are doing, they could be doing a lot of things behind the scenes to screw real players.

      • Donnae Benjamin says:

        Do two studies after playing a contest and you to will see. First take a look at the winners of the contests. They have consistently over 2000-4000 wins that’s insane. 2nd. Look at the very very bottom of the contestants who enter. Are they really paying avid fantasy gamblers betting on a series of games? no! over 25% of the entries and I have proof after screen printing over 50 entries, are just entries likely paid for by fanduel themselves. Why do i say this? None of the entries I printed had any intentions on winning. Every single player that was chosen for their roster was a bench player who never would even enter the game. Example , Every one of the fanfuel generated roster had 1 thing in common. The players all cost $3,500 the lowest players you could choose. None of the players were starters & occasionally 1 may enter and score a few points. Why would they do this you ask? Well if you can fill 25,000 generated entries , it lowers the chances of an avg Joe player the chance to enter. Add that to the fact they have their handicappers ,its a win win situation for Fan Duel. The odds are heavenly stacked against the everyday fan with hopes and dreams. I play because im a dreamer & a sports enthusiast . They reality is its just for entertainment and your not going to strike it rich unless your on Fanduels Payroll. Could you imagine if the scales were even, think how many new $10,000 winners they would be able to showcase.

        Have fun, but don’t bet the house because It’s not a fair game.

    • Richard says:

      I thought the same thing, I’m new to the game this year and I just can’t believe that over 60,000 people can predict as well as they do. I would love to get my friends to play, so we could see all of the teams picked each week.

    • rod says:

      I agree with you. It looks kind of funny when the same guy picks the same exact (perfect team) 5 times.

    • Ben says:

      Hear hear, I quite agree, personally after $35 and last night results in which i thought I had won money and won nothing i am going to be the first to bail after subndays game i alreafy paid for

    • Jimmy T says:

      This is indeed the case. There are people who don’t believe that this is what’s happening because they won a few bucks or know someone who has won some money on DFS. But you have to think of it like a casino in which there are a few people winning small money to give the illusion that one day you will hit the jackpot. Meanwhile the company is raking in all the big money.(TOP PRIZES ON FANDUEL/DRAFTKINGS) And with no transparency on the behalf of these daily fantasy sites it leaves a lot of doubts to there legitimacy.

    • asnathcolson says:

      You may be right. How can there be users in first place, etc, the seconds the games started? The NFL players haven’t even snapped the ball

  4. mathew says:

    The Fanduel bonus is a big scam and leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. Richard, who sounds like he’s employed by Fanduel, is just saying what their website does regarding their reason for not matching your deposit. The facts are, if you deposit money, it won’t get matched unless you’re able to win consistently over an extended period of time.

    Regarding them using fake accounts to cheat users out of winnings, who knows. The last site that I remember doing that was Full Tilt Poker and they ended up being pretty shady. Its possible. I know I’m never depositing money with them again.

    • Thomas d says:

      I too agree with the shady entries. The player picks just seem so random when filling up the payout spots….. Especially if you continue to monitor them throughout the week. I picked a lineup on wed for the week. You wouldn’t believe how many “players” picked only players from the Thursday night game only. Over 50. Must I mind you that when choosing your roster for this tournament, ALL the players are available to choose from. Meaning, that these “players” had to sift through all the avail players from Thursday on through Monday, and yet specifically choose out players Only from Thursday night’s game, which of course they all lost. Who would do that? 50 people would make the same losing lineup picks, let alone the ridiculous fake loser picks in every big tournament. Unless ESPN players news varies from state to state, we all have seen that one, random tangent no name player, 1% owned, scores 27 pts, and somehow gets mixed in with an all star lineup, picked in a payout lineup… UNBELIEVABLE!!! Superfectas on the horse tracks are harder than that, and you only need to choose from 12 horses max! Wanna play fair??? Split all big tournaments into random multiple groups of 25, regardless of how many player entries. That way every group can be monitored and accounted for, at least by 1 human being…”hopefully”!! Winner of each group can then check their scores with the other winners of each group. 1st entry is reg, price, 2nd entry add 25%. And so on. This eliminates all the rediculous programmers, it would guarantee true lineups, and add more money to the pot. But throwing out 167,246 entries that can only be checked at 10 entries each time would take me….oh, about 3 full days to print out. Either u guys do something now, or I’ll get together a group of fanduel’s finest losers and brainstorm this Eureka! Any takers???? Email me if you wanna hire me….. I lost all my savings on Fanduel’s “I Dream of Genies” Jabronis $10 Million Dollar Tournament. I’ve got $.48 in my bonus account and I’m itching to put Danny Woodhead and Hackeem Nicks up in Heaaar!!!!!!!
      Get in where u fit in…. Easy E

  5. Gary says:

    I have been playing fan duel, today I have patriots defense, patriots defense as just blocked the field-goal attempt and ran it back for a touchdown, fan duel site awards patriots defense only two points for the block kick, they awarded no points for the return of touchdown, they said they will revise their site next year to fix this.
    Can you believe they are so out of touch and backwards in their scoring system ??

    While we understand this rule can be frustrating and considering that most other fantasy sites count this stat, the current scoring will not be changed this season. We are currently revamping our entire live scoring process/page, and scoring for blocked punt TD’s/blocked field goal TD’s will be added for the 2015 NFL season.

    When we built the site, the scoring feed we received from STATS for blocked punt return TD’s/blocked field goal TD’s was unreliable, therefore the play was not scored. The feed has since been revised and updated, but we never made the system change due to lack of user feedback on our rules. Over recent weeks, we’ve received a high volume of feedback and now recognize this change as a priority.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  6. Brant says:

    Fanduel is a legit, safe, legal(most places) and fun way to make money playing fantasy sports. I only know football, so I stick to that, and since november 9th i’ve put in a total of 235$ out of my pocket onto my account, and my total winnings in 5 weeks are a little over 1,200$… My record is 23-171, but i play little 2 and 5 dollar games… Last week i finished first place out of 1,149 people and won 600$. 600$ from a 5$ entry, just because my team had the most points. So yes it id very legit and def not a scam, although i was a bit pissed about the 4% bonus off of each new deposit… but still, i really can’t be too mad, im up a grand in a month. I’d say its legit.

  7. Ben says:

    I cant prove it obviously but I think they are scammers and use robots so no one wins big cash prizes and they keep their money, I had a very high score the other night and won nothing, makes you wonder

  8. Richard says:

    I can understand why many are upset about the way they release the bonus! It makes a little sour taste initially as well. There is only one site which I know of that actually gives you your deposit match right away: check out FanDay and their holiday bonus. Just put “holiday” in the promo code section and their match is given out to play right away (up to $100). Here is the link:

  9. jon says:

    It seems that Fanduel is keeping all the big winnings with fake accts! This is your typical runner runner site, until they can prove that its not a scam which they can’t I’m done losing my hard earned dollar into making some scammer millionare richer.Wont be surprised if the Feds bust them and they all end up in jail. DO NOT TRUST WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE!!!!

  10. Michael L says:

    Don’t play DFS unless you’re a pro, basically nothing more then gambling. This is coming from a top 5 finisher in NFL and NBA DFS.

    • Ron Hawkins says:

      I have been playing Fanduel for over a year, football and basketball mostly and usually only 2 game tournaments,(Sun Night/Mon Night Football and Late Night basketball; it is amazing to me that “every” event, guys that have played for the last several games if not all the time (usual starters) and have scored well for some reason all of a sudden tank, do not play, or get hurt and then come back and play the next day and bust out mega points; or guys that don’t ever play all of a sudden are playing the whole game. I am going to say it! Something stinks….Its like leading, or giving false stock information….and I think there is some kind of collusion going on. These people have friends/family..coaches,players,..example..12/19/15…Markieff Morris has been on the bench forever…but tonight on a two game/four team night he’s on the court and doing great. Why hasn’t he played any previously or on a multi game night….He is only one example. If you go back and look at the history of these games you will find odd irregularities of player injury, ridiculous scoring slumps, etc. I know, its gambling….I don’t expect everyone to do exactly what they have usually done. But, its a miracle that the occurances always seem to happen on these two game sets. Take a look.

  11. shane says:

    I think they hvae workers on it that fill in all the heads up games on fanduel so they make rake. I een set it at like 100 1 dollar games just to see if they all fill and there will be like 20 min left with tons of open games left and some how they instantly fill. Every day they fill up so these aren’t real people imo. Its very fishy and they have optimal lineups.

  12. Joseph Lambert says:

    Transparancy is needed, the interface should allow you to scroll through all the players and winning levels. I am playing head to head tonight vs a “person” with over 65,000 wins, who just joined Jan 2014, break that down, that’s over 155 games won each and every day, that’s a lot of time to enter all those games. Plus, take a look at the “people” who are at the bottom of a given contest, some of those entrys consist of players not even a casual watcher of sports would pick, bench guys and guys who have been injured for weeks, just today one of those I looked at had Jimmy Butler, what?

    • rob says:

      I completely agree with you on that. The bottom people always pick people that do not play. For example in daily NBA tournaments, you would see bottom players selecting 9 players that cost $3500 each. Seriously who would do that? Fanduel is a scam!

  13. Richard says:

    On FanDuel you cannot reserve an entry into a tournament while you create the team you want like you can on DraftKings. So people will enter a dummy lineup into the tournament to save their spot in case it fills and then go back and adjust the players with the team they really plan to play. If they forget to change it in time for the start of the game then their “dummy” lineup gets placed as is. That is why there are teams at the bottom of the leaderboard with stupid picks. And the guys who are highly ranked probably had 20-100 teams so they sometimes forget to update a dummy lineup.

  14. Matt says:

    Fan Duel = Total Scam!! You think Fan Duel is legit give me a call & we can play how many fingers am I holding up behind my back!

  15. Mike T. says:

    really Im coming around to realize this site is a computerized scam. I’ve done many different ways to maximize points on this sight and I still manage to lose. All on the same set of games. I’m convinced they computerize during the game to wiggle around top scorers. Just enough to make a profit while you lose. you might just win a little to keep you interested through time. I could be wrong but that’s how it seems to me.

    • michael watt says:

      I have also realized after playing every day for 2 weeks that something is not legit, I was watching the game and had my entry up at the same time when a total rookie was given a chance at bat and managed to hit a 3 run homer. Suddenly a new #1 spot appeared and I looked into it only to find this guy was less than 1% owned..I clicked on the user and found his sign up date had only the month aqnd no year..his winnings stated he had played 526 games of only mlb and won 526 times..I can’t imagine the odds of that…they are definatley entering dummy accounts to knock people out of the top spots. Do you really think they are making millions by paying out only maybe 20% more than they are taking in. Sure they hold a contest every once in a while where they have actual winners..but its the daily and weekly contests that you get screwed on..

      • Tim B says:

        Something is fishy on the large contests for sure. today for the $1,000,000 cookies 248 won. registered in 2009 with only 19 wins!! Last week the winner had no date of when they started fanduel. I like the site but am started to feel cheated on the large open tourneys

  16. Shawn says:

    If it sounds too good to be true……….

  17. John Doty says:

    YES! It’s a scam. The odds of winning are no better than any other Game of Chance. It’s not about how smart you are at all. On any given day, you could dominate, or you could be embarrassed.

    Not good news about the inside info being used to garner thousands–no one is surprised though.

    Here come the regulators…

  18. JC says:

    Fan dual and Draft Kings should make it ($$$) and send it off shore as fast as they can. It won’t be long before they get found to be scams like poker sites and penny auctions. $2 Billion in payouts? Really? The IRS will subpoena their records for their share and the jig will be up!

  19. LopRidgeway says:

    The scam is all the sharks using their own software to determine who are the weak players and run thousands of computer generated lineups. It’s all numbers to them and they enter 100’s if not thousands of games per week. All the advertising is to keep a continuous flow of new cash into the system to replace most of the players who lost their money. Some of the winning lineups are so ridiculous that anyone who knows football and FF would never pick in a million years.

  20. Joe N says:

    Fantasy football is a scam. Insiders get the information they need to win, you get to be a bag holder.

  21. Jim S. says:

    I believe past posting occurs on Fanduel. I’ve seen tournament winners pick the best performing player at nearly every position for that week. That’s like getting dealt blackjack 10x in a row. It doesn’t pass the smell test. I think entries are occurring after the games start or even after some have ended.

  22. Paul L says:

    Play small amount and play responsibly

    If you have multiple Fanduel players from your home network or same computer. Fanduel will deactivate your account, then take all your winnings and remaining balance without any explanation.

    You’re warned!

  23. Diego says:

    Ive won, ive lost. I dont know why you guys are complaining. Even winning 4 dollars on a 2 dollar buy in is a win. Stop trying to get rich quick and have realistic expectations. Be smart about your buy ins and picks. The games ive lost were because of bad picks and the wins based on smart picks and a little gameday luck. Also who seriously expected to be able to withdraw their bonuses at will??? Free money is free money no matter how its given. Ridiculous white people problems

  24. Andrew Ellis says:

    Every now and then I like to go back and see what people previously said about a particular subject. Today’s adventure in the WayBack Machine takes us to the quote in the article: “Certain states do not allow for daily fantasy sports because of their own state laws but most do allow it and it is allowed federally.”

    “Not so,” said the spider to the fly…

    Weekly or daily FS may be gambling in any number of states. As I understand it, there are no state laws that affirmatively allow FS. Rather, one can only say that, in many states, fantasy cannot now be determined to be illegal or legal. And, as for the federal “carve out,” that provision states that UIGEA is not to be interpreted as prohibiting FS but all state laws and all federal laws still apply.

    The action is at the state level: watch Nevada, then Michigan, then Pennsylvania, then New York.

  25. Chris Curley says:

    These leagues are NOTHING short of a scam and rip off with the NFL complicit in allowing it.Now after winning bets on alternate sites they say they’ll bar their employess from playing,as if they simply couldn’t get a friend to use the information.The NFL.Fan Duel and Sports Kings thinks everyone came in with this mornings milk,as well as NBC Sports ,google and several OTHER MAJOR CORPORATIONS who back this scam.The billions in advertising isn’t enough,now they have to rely on a weakness to hose unsuspectinjg people down wth zero transparency and little chance of winning,knowing who you are playing against or even the % the house takes in.How is this legal?It’s a disgrace.

  26. Bryan W says:

    This is a joke. I have used it around 5 or 6 times now. I’ve only won 4$ which ok it’s gambling. However I looked at my last match and it wasn’t even the team I submitted. NOT ONE SINGLE PLAYER!!!!OK do you get that. Worst of all I look at the teams around me and everyone has the exact same lineup. We all scored 22 points and it was off the kicker and defense. It one single position player scored a single point. How is this possible??? Needless to say I’m calling bulshit and I have contacted the site. We shall see if they actually respond.

  27. Ash says:

    its a scam, do not waste your money,

  28. 1 million% SCAM. it is a program base gaming site. no one will win . it is program to let you taste little bit of winning to get you in to it. honestly it is never real. please believe me you’ll end up losing a lots of money. you think you only bet 2$ or 5$ but how many bets your going to do. the computer make a top list of winners and the amount they winning to fool us. so we will think that we can win that too. all this fake positive feedback please dont believe them. “fanduel is too good to be true” Scam!

  29. Mayhun Lewis says:

    I’ve spend a lot of money on fandule and thought that it was legit but then I found something. I found out that some players on fandule got some nfl players for less for instance Odell Beckem cost me 9,000 while the big winner got him for 8,700. IF I DON’t win big this time, and I see more flaws, then oh oh.

  30. Daniel Dmad says:

    Fanduel is a scam!! Yes some people win here n there..I have proof that I was playing against a computer generated lineup..It was a head to head match; The computer picked its lineup according to what I picked..It was the Chicago Bears and Detroit game…Their lineup coexcisted with what I picked..Using the main players on the same team of the QB I picked..And they picked the opposite QB that I played, and picked some of the same rexievers I picked from other teams. I am no expert, but I can assure you that it wasn’t a human I was playing against! Again; yes some head to head n matches you can get lucky and win; but not even close to playing against a computer that only picks accordingly to what you pick..Can’t believe no one else is really catching this. I caught it right away..If you compared the Rosters; you too could see what I actually mean.
    Some people win; but overall fanduel is a BIG SCAM!!

  31. G money says:

    Yup I was up like $90 bucks and more then 40 points in the money at halftime of the charger bears game by the end of the game I was down to 10 bucks and only 15 points in the money. I had the bears WR and TE they had a very good game what im saying the money line went from 190 at halftime to 135 end of game and there’s NOTHING that happened in the second half of that game that would have brought that point total up 45 points when it started out at 80 from the Sunday games went to 90 at halftime then 135 no way I watched it real close.

  32. Chris Osby says:

    Please be careful with this site. I’m not sure if draft kings do the same, but I’ve notice a pattern that has me skeptical. If you pick a line up that involves Sunday and Monday or Thursday night games, your lineup is locked in once the first games start. But I’ve noticed that your opponents lineup is hidden until game day. So I believe there’s a chance that the opponents are either computer generated or actual employees. Either way if I pick a line up sunday morning and my lineup include and Monday night game, once the sunday games start, I can’t edit my lineup, but at the same time I can’t see what the opponents line up is either making me believe that they wait to edit their lineup due to injuries or better match ups. The employees do have insider Information on players, that’s why they can’t play on other sites like draft kings. Something isn’t right.

  33. Jordan says:

    How much did fanduel and or draftkings pay to have this article written and published?

  34. Jimm Hoggard says:

    Well you have to figure that if Fan Dual is paying huge money for commercials then they are going to make their money back some how. Then we hear a person from another site that he works at pockets some cash on here…Then to top it off they want us to sign a petition, that they wrote, to leave it alone especially in New York. Well it suck for them to have done what they have been doing to us. What started out to be a decent thought has once again turned out to be another Ponzi scream it seems…….While it I fun to play, I guess the only way to actually have a true experience is to play with a group of friends because if not the House will always win and if you lucky to win say 100.00 bucks then feel lucky. And if some people have like 2000 wins, you just have to wonder which company they work for. Sounds like the Banking scenario al over and we know they are making theirs an I bet employee are making decent bonus as well while screwing the little guy………NICE

  35. Tasha says:

    I was logged in to my account. Checking my picks. When the site logged me out. Deleted my history and my $amount went from $150 to ZERO. I NEED ANSWERS. WHAT DID THEY DO TO MY ACCOUNT. WHERE IS MY MONEY. I KEEP LOGGING IN AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED

  36. osoto1977 says:

    fanduel is a scam they are quick to take your money, but when you want it back it a whole ordeal. as far as im concerned they website sucks ans so does customer support. 45 dollars they can keep as I will be playing draft king. they are quick to respond on there issues.

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