FanDuel Football Championship 2014 Review

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FanDuel Football Championship Review

In this review we will break down the 2014 Daily Fantasy Football Championship being offered by FanDuel for this football season.

Not to be outdone by DraftKings who announced a few weeks back their championship tournaments for the football season, FanDuel opened up a whopper of a tournament series with payouts unheard of before in the daily fantasy world.

In fact, just a few years back the top winners in these tournaments might have brought home a $10,000 prize. Not anymore, the top prize offered by FanDuel is a staggering 2 Million Dollars to the first place winner.

The FFFC (FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship) as it is known is billed as the most prestigious fantasy football tournament in the world. Well it certainly is the most lucrative!

This tournament will pay out 2 Million Dollars to the winner, and a total of 7 Million Dollars in total cash prizes to the finalists with a total payout of $10,000,000 for the entire tournament.

This is getting crazy.

Even the 2nd place winner will take home 1 Million Dollars.

The finals will be held again in Vegas during a 3 day weekend event. 100 finalist in all will win a trip to the December 14th finals held at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, treated to 3 nights of special parties, and a chance to win the top spot victory.

There are qualifiers for seats to this tournament offered for as little as a 10 dollar buy-in.

FanDuel is also offering their Survivor Series Tournaments with big payouts from 300 thousand, 200 thousand to 100 thousand dollars.

With low entry fees these contests can also earn you a trip to Vegas to claim your prize if you make to the final round.

For more specifics on the Survivor Series go to, signup and take your shot to earn at seat in Vegas.

On December 14th there will be 4 Massive Contests with over 10 Million in prizes up for grabs.


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