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A traditional salary cap model or a no-salary-cap model for you to choose from. They offer a large number of sports from all the Professional sports to CFB, PGA, NASCAR, and even League of Legends eSports. A great site that appeals to both the traditional DFS players along with the casual sports fan.

Being in the business of reviewing fantasy sites can get boring sometimes.

Every week I get emails from all these new sites asking me to review them and it usually takes about three minutes for me to notice that the site doesn’t offer anything different than the sites that I’ve already reviewed.

Well that changed when I heard about Draftpot.com, and they have some serious potential to not only be a little different, but to be a top site in this industry!

This is may be the best site you aren’t playing on because they offer a lot of guaranteed contests with two different formats that appeal to everyone.

GM Mode Games – A Salary Cap Model

The first game type that they offer is the normal salary cap structure that we have grown accustom to with all the other DFS sites called GM Mode Contests.

They go off a players average points as opposed to a algorithm so it is a little different but the learning curve takes only minutes if that.

Fan Mode Games – A No Salary Cap Model

But then Draftpot offers Fan Mode where you can pick any player you want because there isn’t a salary cap!

While I have seen this before with other sites, this is the first site to offer a large amount of cash games with this drafting model which makes it really appealing in my opinion.

While I only know one other site that really has a no salary cap structure, this other site only offers one or two contests per slate of games, and they are pretty big tournaments so you are limited to what kind of games you can play.

Draftpot.com on the other hand offers tournaments that pay $10,000 to first and only costs $10 to play in.

In addition to this they also have cash games and even have buy ins for $1075 so they appeal to the high rollers as well.

A Large Variety of Sports Available to Play

Draftpot.com also offers (both GM and Fan Mode games) in college sports as well as all the major professional sports. But they also offer games in PGA, Nascar, and LOL (league of legends) eSports.

So they will have a lot of variety and aren’t far behind Draftkings when it comes to sports offered.

Their interface is incredibly easy to navigate and customizing the types of games you are looking for is really easy with their game options tabs.

DraftPot.com is the real deal and has big tournaments every day. You won’t have a problem finding something that fits the type of games you like to play.

One of the twists that I think is unique for their MLB contest is you don’t take a pitcher!

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first but it’s pretty cool especially since you can play games with no salary cap.

It’s kind of pointless to have no salary cap and 95% of the field takes Kershaw so it brings a different element to the game.


I’m really excited to see what Draftpot has for the future because people are catching on to this site and their user base is growing more than any other site that I’ve seen.

I think people are finding their games more appealing because you can make teams with the standard salary cap structure if you are a serious DFS player but casual fans that don’t have as much time to research can make lineups in minutes as well.

I highly suggest you check them out today!

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A traditional salary cap model or a no-salary-cap model for you to choose from. They offer a large number of sports from all the Professional sports to CFB, PGA, NASCAR, and even League of Legends eSports. A great site that appeals to both the traditional DFS players along with the casual sports fan.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Letter to DraftKings, no reply… Can you clarify why you have large gaps when listing the participates in your games. I have been exporting/down loading your player list throughout the games list every quarter and I copy and paste the results into a separate spreadsheet because your site does not allow me to save the results and I found this process is a way around it. I also have taken pictures and videotaped my doing this. . Your site will jump in the thousands. The list I down load shows all the players that are missing from your website but when you enter these players name into FIND A RIVAL their names to not come up. I have hundreds of excels sheets that document this. I will provide an example. Game ending 0n 11/10/15 NFL $1.25M PLAY-ACTION [$1.25 MILLION GUARANTEED- you go from player 28460, straight to 55214, then to 95412. When I take the player names off the excel sheets in between these placing they don’t come up on you find rival list. Here are a very few list of players that come up on the excel sheets I have but I can’t pull up on the rival list, player- 4760 JStek64 , tilerty, DON5222,. d228833, quadrunner4, rewilson, msliwins. This is just not even a fraction of the names I been checking since starting your site, every player that falls in a gap does not come up when I enter their name in the find rival list to see what team they are playing or won with. I have thousands of rivals that I have been playing against that do not show up on your site to see what teams they really picked or if these players really exist. Again I copy and paste the excel sheets during the game and after. None of the players listed in the gaps of players that you exclude on you website, come up on your site even though they come up on these hundreds of excel sheet that I have created off your site. I think there are investigations going on about your website where there are people that will be very interested in seeing all these hundreds of excel sheet that I have pulled off your website. Can you explain why the people listed in these gap of winner won’t come up on your website but only on the excel sheets. I am a quality expert and I am concerned about this, and very willing to take this information to right people to make sure that these thousands of players that I have saved excel sheet really do exist. I think you should have some answer to my question. I do enjoy playing and will continue, but I feel your just need some type on regulations and needs to be over seen to verify everything is legit. I will continue playing on your site, but will want this information looked at by some real experts. They never answered. But try it, most the player do not all exists

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