Is DraftKings a Scam?

| March 1, 2014 | 36 Comments


Is DraftKings A Scam?

A frequent question people looking in to daily fantasy sports sites have is, “Is DraftKings a scam?” They ask this because they know that gambling online is illegal, yet this site claims to offer real money prizes betting on fantasy sports. The truth is, the site is 100% legit and 100% legal (except for residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, and Quebec due to state-specific laws).

Due to a loophole in the 2006 law that made online gambling illegal, this and other daily fantasy sports sites are able to pay out real money.

The law that made online gambling illegal, 2006’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, explicitly carved out an exemption for fantasy sports online. This was done because millions of Americans use websites to run their season-long fantasy leagues.

Since money is often wagered on this, suddenly millions of people would find themselves on the wrong side of the law. In order to prevent this, fantasy sports were exempted from these rules.

These same rules apply to daily fantasy sports. The only difference between season long fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports is the length of a particular game.

Therefore you can be confident that you are not running afoul of the law by depositing to DraftKings. It is completely legal, the money you win is legit, and everything is done above the board.

Just because it is legal, however, does not necessarily mean that it is legit. Fortunately, DraftKings is not a scam and they work exactly as advertised. They are based in the USA, meaning they are subject to American law. This is not some shady operation based on a small Caribbean island that you’ve never heard of.

It is an American company that has been featured in major publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe. You can trust DraftKings because it has been endorsed by these reputable news outlets.

It means they are not scamming you when they offer great deposit bonuses or the amount of games that they have. It is very easy to deposit with your PayPal account, and if you win, you can withdraw that money immediately back into your PayPal. There is no waiting for a check or extra hoops to jump through – you are paid immediately upon winning and will have access to that money as quickly as PayPal can process it.

Often this is done immediately. The reason we play daily fantasy sports is to win cash, and at DraftKings, you will get the fastest payouts in the industry.

If you are hesitant to deposit into DraftKings because you fear it is a scam, don’t worry. The claims may sound too good to be true (especially for people who lost money when the government shut down the online poker sites) but they are exactly as advertised.

If you love fantasy sports and want to play every day, make a deposit to DraftKings. There are thousands of satisfied players on this site playing daily.

To see what all the fuss is about, make a deposit today or play their Free Games!


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  1. while it is true that they are legitimate sights there advertising about matching your first deposit is at best misleading and at worst an outright lie.

    At the start of the NFL season they say they will match your first deposit up to $200. Draft Kings claims they tell you how the bonus works at the start, but not really.

    The way the initial bonus works it is released based on bets you make. They release 4 cents per $1 you bet. So your real bonus on the $200 is not $200, but 4% of $200 or $8. If you think you will have $400 to bet with if you put $200 in than you are sorely mistaken. If you don’t win anything you will have $208 to bet with. Even if you win $200 you will only get $16 of the promised $200 matching deposit.

    This is what I call misleading and a scam.

    All that said, Draftkings is better than fanduel in that they have more free contests, and inexpensive contests than Fanduel.

    My summary is if you like Daily Fantasy sports, play Draftkings, but don’t put a lot of money in and don’t expect a matching bonus. It just is not true.

    To get your $200 bonus you would have to bet $5,000 and then you will get the $200 that they say they are matching. They make a profit of $300 on the $200 promised and you have probably lost at least a couple thousand dollars to get your bonus.

    • Bob says:

      We have won on Thursday game $30000 but when the game was over the kept my game open because they wanted to wait til Sunday which I didn’t have any one playing a game on Sunday my money dropped from $30000 to $7 but any other games I played the game is over and results closed not open it is funny they you guys defend draft kings

  2. Jay Gellman says:

    I say its a scam, got a email today from MLB with a contest that is No purchase Necessary to enter so I figure let me see what this is all about. All of a sudden I find that If I want to submit my free entry, I have to pay Draft Kings money first. This is no way a free entry as advertised it is a 100% scam at least as far as this MLB contest goes

    • Kevin says:

      Do you know what a scam is? Just because they advertise something but there is a catch does not make it a scam. If they did not pay you or they rigged their games then it is a scam. As long as you are able to play draftkings and they hand out money based on how well you did against other people then it is legit.

  3. Jeff says:

    What I mean by scam is this…Do you think that the people who run the site cheat…it would be so easy for them to pick a winning combination of players after the games are played and then submit it…Or can you see all the names before the games start?

    • Kevin says:

      That was my 1 concern and how they could rig it. If you are not able to see who everyone picked then they could easily do what you suggested. The one thing I will say is my dad knows a guy who won 50,000 from fanduel. I know this is draftkings but I don’t think these sites are completely rigged if at all. Only way to really find out is to play. I only deposited 20 dollars so not really risking much.

  4. Chris B says:

    Draft kings is a scam-
    I played the NFL last year-
    Noticed the exact same winners in the same game would win 1st place – 2nd place- 3rd place etc etc
    Meaning that player would have to pick different fantasy teams and enter many many times in that exact same entry ?
    Who would do that 10 x?
    A pay each fee per entry?
    And amazingly WIN!!! All ?
    What are the odds?
    147 billion to 1′
    Amazing scam!!!!
    Also- have you noticed the same 3 commercials on Espn and other stations?
    For over a year? The same silly stupid tv commercials over and over? Odd huh?
    Supposingly new winners?
    Yet only 3 big winners for ovef a year now?
    I think thats the dead giveaway!
    What a fraud! Wow!
    These clowns are laughing all the way to the Bank.

  5. Scott Hemsley says:

    The only fear I have is its a set up and Draft Kings has the winners all set and ready to go. They have total control of what teams are set up. It would be extremely easy for them to post teams after the day is done, make changes to teams as games go on. I’m going to play, but its a concern and will continue to be until I see someone I know win or they figure a way to be transparent.

    • Kevin says:

      I agree. I was hoping and still hope they will show teams after the games start. Very easy for them to switch things the day after. Now I will say this. My dad knows someone who won 50,000 from fanduel. I do think they pay out as I am sure they want real people to win so they get real people out there promoting them. However, if they are letting a few people win and then rigging the rest then the odds of winning big money is that much lower and not sure if it is really worth playing.

  6. Frank says:

    It is not a scam. Its a lot of fun. I play every week. You can only lose as much as you put in.

    • Charles says:

      the scam is the $ bonus they give you for the first deposit. They tell you up to $200, but to get that much of a bonus you have to bet over $6,000. That is what they don’t tell you.

  7. Thomas Pouncey says:

    DraftKings is 100% legit and if you win the money is real and is deposited in your PayPal account within hours. I know this became I won $1088.00 and anything won over $600 is reported to the IRS and I had to fill out some tax forms and the money was in my account within 4-6 hours. I really didn’t pay much attention to the sign up bonus and it may have some small print tactics involved with it but the most important part of the matter is 100% LEGIT and the money is Real.

  8. Anthony says:

    drift king is a scam I played MMA last night went too bwoke up this morning try the check the website for the MMA recent it wasn’t there about 10 o’clock it showed up this is about the fourth or fifth time this is happen I will never play FanDuel or drafting anymore. scam scam.

  9. Playmaker5 says:

    Is the odds of winning money on draft kings like winning the lottery??

    • Richard says:

      It’s actually a lot better if you really look at it. It can seem like it’s like playing the lottery, but with the lottery you have no chance at all in really changing your odds by using research and knowledge of the players and their individual situations. So apply this knowledge can really influence your chances of winning.

  10. Anonymous says:

    id rather spend my money on poor or on a hooker on a weekend

  11. Freeman says:

    Is draftking really real people play these games with there hard earn money. To try to win there retirement.

  12. Steve G says:

    I am a Boston guy and this is apparently a
    Boston based business, but in my opinion these guys are deceiving people who sign up and in the words of REAL New Englanders they are dirtbags. If you are not honest don’t do business here…(unless you are a politician)

    You shouldn’t support these guys over any other sites. They must be Vegas-backed even though their ads look otherwise.

  13. Jay says:

    I have been playing on draftkings now for about 2 months. I did deposit $ 20 dollars at first and got it up to $ 45 so I cashed out $ 25 to see if it is legit and did get payed within hours paypal. I did another contest and placed 4th and won $ 175 dollars on a $ 3 dollar bet. I cashed out $ 150 just now and should have it within a few hours. I will let you all know when I get it

  14. Chris says:

    Kevin are you employed by draftkings? Do you have any factual proof that the company does not use bogus accounts to levy against the large tourneys? Its seems odd to me that they pay out huge money weekly in tourneys yet you never read about the current winners. BTW your site sucks ballz

  15. I won $390 says:

    I deposited $25 played .25to $3 games, I ended up in the money on 15% of my games winning a total of $892.45 some places payed higher. one game I won .15 cents. one game I won $266. maybe the top 3 are never real players, but I got 8th place out of 23,000 people in golf. $1 entry fee. won $266

  16. Cbear6 says:

    It’s a ripoff! You have a better chance at winning the lottery then on Draftkings or Fanduel! I bet the top winners are computer generated players with winning teams. They may let you win a few bucks here and there to get your hopes up and have you spend more money, but your chances of winning big are nil! Spend your money on scratch off tickets better chance of winning anything.

  17. Mikey says:

    Well, the money has to come from somewhere, so if you win “over 2 million dollars” like they say on the tv ads, don’t be fooled. This is a total b.s. scam. Draft kings (and fanduel) are both paying big bucks to advertise, so where is this money coming from? Money going to these sites plus the “winners”, therefore someone must be losing a shitload of money to account for the lack of balance in the system

    • Joe says:

      Using simple math you can see how they make money unless you are an idiot.

      This weeks top game pays out a total of 7 million to players.

      The entry is 20/person and limited to 400,700 entries

      So draft Kings makes 1.1 million on that contest alone.

      In two weeks i’ve spent $60 and won $1.50 so yeah it sucks. You need to score around 200 points to win anything. The matching deposit is a scam.

  18. Bob says:

    I played Draft Kings I won $388.00 But they only payed me $368.00 and no bonus as they state I have E mailed them but I’m ignored. What kind Of Regulations are they under. And what state. were can I go to file a complaint. Underpayment.

  19. Joe Haskill says:

    it is a scam, i have tried several games and never cashed. I believe they make up the entries of all the others in your game and only a few ever cash. the rest are just the “made-up” entry the draft kings formulates. This may sound far fetched but I am sure it is how they operate. It would be easy for them to do this.

    I will never deposit or play again. by the way the “match” funds thy promise I have seen $1.00 of this “matched” money. What a rip off, what a joke

  20. dukecommand says:

    DraftKings has a good way to make money, they just don’t give out all the payments in prizes; example in one week fantasy football has 34,900 entries at $3 an entry that equals $104,700 yet only pays out $89,000 in prizes, they make $15,700 off of that one game. Simple math says they don’t have to cheat.
    Just my two cents.

  21. Will s says:

    I can see that draft kings is using bots to make more money stealing from the big tournaments. I watched the so called person who came in first top striker change to the days top scorer once he scored his second goal, and ironically the person who came in 2nd also came in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th with the same lineup as someone stated before. I don’t think they are being legit and are stealing money from players on tourneys. You should take screen shots of the top players lineups early on and see if thy match halfway through tourney. Id be very skeptical

    • Michael says:

      Entries are not publicly viewable. You can only see what players they are using at the time of those players’ games. You can only view other line ups AFTER the games have started. Also a player with the user name trashedRC was able to manipulate his line up after the players’ games were over. In a WR spot in his line up he had Colts ‘ WR Moncreif. I checked again in five minutes and noticed that now Redskins’ WR Garçon was in the slot where Moncreif was. This line up where I noticed this was in first place. Later in the night after the Sunday night game a line up appeared out of nowhere in a top spot that had a list of players all with high scores. Some of those players were not starters but had a good game! I compared my lineup’s standings to the first place line up quite often and this new line up was nowhere around until the end of the game! I’m having major doubts about the legitimacy of draft kings! This is something that needs to be investigated (especially line up manipulation activity at draft kings) immediately. Along with the line up manipulation, I believe that a lot of the players in contests are computer generated with computer generated line ups. A lawsuit shout also be filed.

  22. Cheated by draft kings says:

    Draft kings is a f#cking scam. I signed up to do an mma fantasy league. I literally picked every single winner except for one. Low and behold, I find out that they cancelled all of the mma leagues because of a “data integrity” issue. Such BS. I’m never using this garbage again.

    You would think that they would provide credits or something to apologize for their screw up that probably cost me a few grand. But instead, they think that they can satisfy me with refunding one entry fee even though I paid for two entries.

    Draft kings already has multiple pending lawsuits against it because of fraudulent practices and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more. Stay away from draft kings.

  23. steve johnson says:

    Have you ever noticed that most leagues are not anywhere near filled and then all of a sudden about 20 min before it starts it gets filled… This is draftkings computer generating lineups… it is physically impossible to submit 1000 entries in one daily league and then you will see the winning lineups are all by the same user name with the same lineup… no real person would do that.. computer generated lineups that are based on a program.. less than 2% of contestants are winning more than 90% of the money… all lineups are locked before the contest starts so technically it still is random.. but draftkings makes it nearly impossible for the common player to win any significant money.

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