What Are Double Up Contests in Daily Fantasy Leagues?

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Double Girls Daily Fantasy Leagues

For those who want a little more action and a little different game than a Head to Head Match up, there are Double Up Games. These games offer you a chance to win twice your money (minus the buy-in fee) no matter how many people are playing.

Why Play Double-Ups?

This gives you a little bit better chance of winning than in a head to head match up. In that game, one guy has a bad night or is injured early in the game, your odds are pretty much shot. In this game, since there are more teams, you might be able to rebound and salvage some money.

What Exactly is a Double-Up Game?

A Double Up game is one in which half the players will win twice their entry fee, the other half will lose. But since you don’t play one other team, you don’t have to win outright in order to win money.


So long as you are in the top half, you will win. In other words, if you are in a double up game with 10 players total, you just have to finish fifth or higher. If the buy in were $10, every player who wins would get $20. So even if you aren’t first overall, you can still win some good money provided you are in the top 50%.


The one disadvantage to this is that 5th place wins the same amount as 1st. This can be really frustrating for someone who has a great night but doesn’t win more money because of it.

While that downside can be significant, it is somewhat offset by the fact that you have better odds of winning. For good players, this will average itself out over the long haul: the odds of finishing 5th are much better than finishing 1st. So long as you can have good nights and be better than 5 other players, you will continuously double up your money.

A Good Strategy to Keep Winning With Lower Risk than Tournaments

These games are ideal for those want a chance to win some decent money while also making their bankroll last. Because the odds of cashing out are so good, if you can get on a winning streak you can significantly grow your bankroll is just a matter of days. Suddenly, that $50 or $100 you’ve deposited has doubled. By playing in games that offer a solid return on the buy in combined with good odds of winning, you can be sure that your bankroll lasts and continues to grow.


Double up games are great way to get into daily fantasy sports. Because they offer so many chances to win, they can be a nice introduction for new players or players who want learn. By balancing the payouts with the odds of winning, a person can take a few hits while still learning without losing all their money right away. Suddenly, you may find that you are cashing out more and more in just a few short days.

For new players, double up games can be very lucrative.

So play today, find some double up games and make that bankroll grow!

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