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With daily fantasy sports on the rise with major corporations like Disney starting to invest, it makes sense that AlphaDraft is trying expand into the daily fantasy eSports world. AlphaDraft‘s owner Todd Peterson originally wanted to create another traditional fantasy sports site and became discouraged when he attended a fantasy sports convention in Las Vegas.

There were 50 other companies with the same mindset as him. He figured it would be a waste of time because it would be hard to compete against all the other sites.

Thankfully, Peterson is also passionate about eSports and that’s when things clicked for him. He saw how other fantasy sites like Draftkings were able to hold fantasy competitions for almost every sport. They came up with scoring systems for MMA, Golf, and Soccer with one thing in common. You had to stay within a salary cap and player pricing adjusted according to an algorithm. He created a way to apply this to LCS and created

How to Play

Every day you play you have $50,000 to create your fantasy team of real LCS pro players. The top players are priced higher than the lesser players, meaning if you take a high end player, you need to find a cheaper player to stay within the salary cap you are given.

As the LCS teams compete, you score fantasy points based off their real life performances!

Types of Games

AlphaDraft has different types of games you can enter to compete with other LCS fans. They have tournaments where you get paid more the higher you place and double up games.

Double up games pay half the field double their entry fee regardless of where they place. So if there are ten people playing, the top five all get paid the same and you have a 50% chance of doubling your money!

It’s 100% Legal and You Get Your Money Quickly!

DFS is considered a game of skill not chance, therefore it’s legal! This is great news because it’s not like those offshore gambling sites which are located in other countries. is located here in the USA and you can deposit and withdraw your money with PayPal.

They also accept credit cards and can pay you out with a check, but PayPal is easily the quickest way to get your money. Since it’s legal, you do have to pay taxes and are issued a 1099 if you make over $600 in a calendar year.

Games for Every Budget

Alpha Draft has a game for every budget and you can try it out with their free games. If you think you have what it takes to win, you need to take advantage of our first time depositor bonus. If you use our promo when you sign up, AlphaDraft will match your deposit up to $250!

It’s a great way to build your bankroll and get into the game.

Why Play?

If you are a LCS fan then odds are you really enjoy the league. Why not put your knowledge of the game into use and make some money! Daily fantasy sports aren’t going away anytime soon and the industry keeps getting bigger and bigger.

This is huge for new players to get in now and start learning the ropes of fantasy sports. The money is there and there are plenty of people who play DFS fulltime. I’m sure after a year you may see someone playing DFS eSports for a living.


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